Dynamic DX Remote Europa G90T

Product Code: 860306


Flexibility is the foundation of the DX system and G90 is designed with features that provide users with more options and greater control of their comfort and environment.
Features “membrane” or “touch” type buttons
Features toggle switches for control of On/Off, Mode Up, and Mode Down.
The extra flexibility of the G90 is perfect for users with more specific needs. G90 supports both switched and proportional inputs and when combined with the DX Switch-box allows easy interfacing with third party input devices.
G90 provides an array of new control methods that make it ideal for users with limited physical capability. G90 can be programmed so that all chair functions can be selected and controlled by the joystick alone – no keypad operation required. The G90 even supports a 3 quadrant mode, meaning all functions can be operated using the joystick in only 3 directions.

Physical size: 71W x 168L x 143H mm (including joystick)
Weight: 620g

Connector(s): 2 x DX BUS Sockets