Recline System (Compact) for Centro – No Actuator

Compact Recline System  38 ° –  Centro

Product Code: 310665-A


This complete unit is ready to bolt on to any Centro. It can be set at seat depth from 34cm to 66cm. There are 3 sizes of crossbars to suit widths of 34cm to 55cm.

Note: The Vertical lift unit has a maximum seat depth of 52cm with full seat tilt. For seat depth over 52cm, the seat tilt is reduced using a limit switch.

Optional: also available with 147 ° recline . Part No 310668

Individual Parts .

Important Note Crossbar. Top crossbar (only) has identification groove (2) Do not use top crossbar in bottom position or vice versa.

The curved in edge of the Actuator Mount Lug (1) on the crossbar must face up on both top and bottom crossbars.


1.) 310205-43
Crossbar Compact Recline – suit widths 43-46-49 cm – Top  (other sizes available)

2.) 310021
BRKT  – Crossbar Compact Recline  -Top Mnt 37-60cm L or R

3.) 310188
Backcane  (38 degree recline)

4.) 310019
BRKT ARMREST/BACKCANES Compact Recline 37-60cm L or R

5.) 86067

6.) 310194-43
Crossbar Compact Recline  – suit widths 43-46-49 cm Bottom (other sizes available)