How to Fit Lap Belt


How to fit Bodypoint Lap Belts to Glide Manual Wheelchairs

The following instructions are a step by step guide to fitting Bodypoint lap belts to Glide Rehabilitation Products manual wheelchairs. Images show bodypoint lap belt being fitted to G3 Bambino.


 Step 1

Take the end of the seatbelt webbing in one hand and the flat mount in the other. Thread the webbing through the first hole allowing the webbing to pass over the centre pillar.


 Step 2

Thread the webbing through the second hole, this will create a loop.


 Step 3

Pull the webbing taut.


 Step 4

Proceed to fitment to the chair.
Place the belt webbing under the top bar on the rear quarter frame, reference picture. Ensure that the centre mount is on the inside of the rear quarter frame.


 Step 5

Next pickup the remaining belt that is strewn under the top bar of the rear quarter frame and thread it through the inside loop (closest to the wheel) of the flat mount.


 Step 6

Next thread the belt through the opposite loop hole on the flat mount and pull the belt taut.


 Step 7

Repeat this procedure for the adjacent side and finally adjust the belt using the two side belt adjustments and the centre adjustment.