Crossbar Compact Recline – Top

Product Code: 310205


The crossbar has three sizes to accommodate for varying seat widths. A corresponding size is also available for the bottom crossbar.

Size 1) 34, 37, 40cm                        part No. 310205-34

Size 2) 43, 46, 49cm                       part No. 310205-43

Size 3) 52, 55, 58cm                        part No. 310205-52

Size 4) 61cm                                     part No. 310205-61

Size 5) 64cm                                    part No. 310205-64

The top crossbar has a identification groove and is slight short than the bottom crossbar.
The bottom crossbar has no identification groove.
Important Note: the curved in edge of the Actuator Mount Lug must face up, on both top and bottom crossbars.