Dynamic Attendant Control Module (Dual Control)

Product Code: 860310


The Dual Control enables an attendant the ability to drive the wheelchair instead of the user.

The Attendant/User switch on the Dual Control allows the attendant to swap driving control between the user?s control device and the Dual Control. Although joystick functions of the Master Remote will be inoperable when the dual control is activated, all other functions, such as the battery gauge continue to operate as normal.

A speed control on the unit also gives the attendant a convenient means of adjusting chair speed without affecting normal driving speed for the user?s control.

Ideally the Dual Control is mounted close to one of the wheelchair handgrips, so the attendant can comfortably reach the dish shaped joystick knob with their thumb.

This Dual Control is used in addition to the DX Master Remote or Secondary Remote, which the user may normally operate.

Physical size: 64 x 115 x 120mm (including joystick, excluding speed pot)
Weight: 400 grams

Connector(s): 1 x DX BUS Socket