Dynamic Combined Light & Acuator Module

Product Code: 860309


All lighting and seat actuator functions for the wheelchair can be provided from this one module.

The user can control all of these functions from a suitable DX Master Remote. Alternatively the seat positioning can be controlled with an Actuator Remote Control Module.

Using the Combined Lighting and Actuator Module is a very cost effective and compact method to wire and operate all of the functions. All power and control signals come through the DX BUS so no additional wiring is required.

Lighting outputs are provided for left and right turning indicators, hazard lights, plus front and rear driving lights.

If required, each lighting function can be individually enabled or disabled. Detection of short circuit and open circuit lights can also be provided. If T?V approved lighting is required the T?V version of the Lighting Module should be used.

Seat Actuators
Up to 5 separate seat actuators can be individually operated, allowing adjustment of all seating angles, including seat raise, seat tilt, back recline and independent left and right leg raise.

A ?soft start? feature ensures smooth actuator extension and retraction. The wheelchair can be stopped from driving or simply slowed down when specified seating positions are used.

The actuators are protected against overheating in two ways;

Separate programmable current limits for each actuator to detect the end-of-travel
Programmable timer to limit continuous operation