Glide Rehabilitation Products, Australian manufacturer of manually propelled wheelchairs, power assisted wheelchairs and powered wheelchairs.
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Glide Rehabilitation Products G2 Leisure Manual Wheelchair, as standard with folding frame, quick release wheels and finished in your choice of amazing powdercoat finishes.
Powerchair Centro-XT.
Glide Rehabilitation Products - Australia’s leading manufacturer of manual and powered wheelchairs for over 35 years.
We have built a reputation on being able to provide mobility solutions, which are highly regarded both internationally and within Australia, to people with limited mobility. Our aim is to improve your quality of life.
Australian manufacturer of lightweight, manually propelled wheelchairs, power assisted wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs
The Glide Rehabilitation Products Website, redesigned to offer a more comprehensive product listing and more indepth content. Our new site boasts a new search feature so that you may find what stock suits your wheelchair as well as plans to have all spare parts and accessories catalogued on the site for easy access. Lateral Support Complete Kit, Available in left or right side configurations amd various adjustable sizes.
Distributors for Trulife Cushions Max Grepp Sports 24'' Rim.
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